Builder Construction Agreement Format

If you`re planning on starting a construction project, you`ll likely need to sign a builder construction agreement with the contractor you`ve hired. This agreement outlines the scope of work, timelines, costs, and other important details of the project. In this article, we`ll explore the format of a builder construction agreement and what to keep in mind when drafting or reviewing one.


The header should include the names and addresses of the parties involved in the agreement, including the builder, the client, and any other relevant parties such as architects or engineers. It should also include the date that the agreement was signed.

Scope of Work

This section outlines the specific work that will be done by the builder. It should include a detailed description of the project, including any materials or labor required. It`s important to be as specific as possible in this section to avoid misunderstandings later on.


This section outlines the timeline for the project, including start and end dates. It should also include any deadlines for certain milestones within the project, such as completion of specific phases or delivery of materials.


This section outlines the cost of the project, including any fees or taxes. It should also include a detailed breakdown of how the costs will be calculated, such as hourly rates for labor or costs for materials. Any payment schedules should also be included in this section.

Change Orders

Change orders are amendments to the original agreement that may be necessary as the project progresses. This section outlines the process for submitting and approving change orders, including any fees or additional costs that may be incurred.

Warranties and Guarantees

This section outlines any warranties or guarantees provided by the builder. It should include the length of the warranty or guarantee period and what is covered under the warranty or guarantee.

Insurance and Liability

This section outlines the insurance coverage and liability of the builder. It should include information on any insurance policies that the builder has, as well as what happens if there are any damages or accidents during the project.


This section outlines how the agreement can be terminated by either party, including any notice requirements or penalties for early termination.


The agreement should be signed and dated by both the builder and the client, as well as any other relevant parties involved in the project.

In conclusion, a builder construction agreement is a crucial document when starting a construction project. It`s important to ensure that all aspects of the project are covered in the agreement and that both parties understand the terms and conditions of the project. By following the above format and including all necessary sections, you can ensure that your construction project runs smoothly and is completed successfully.