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The English Activity Day and Free Playing Day led by NET teacher once a week allow children to build their sense of satisfaction and self-confidence.
Extra 30-mins of English enrichment programme provided to each classes help to enhance children’s English proficiency.
Subject teachers with Putonghua as native language and qualified with Putonghua Proficiency Test level 1 grading teach the Putonghua courses.
School nurses provide regular body checks to children in order to ensure parents’ early identification of children’s needs.
School social worker provides consulting services for parents as well as counselling and activities for children.
Regular outings and simulation activities allow children to explore the world with firsthand experience.
To ensure the kindergarten caters for all children in different stages of physical and mental development, children with learning needs could receive assistance and training under the On-site Professional Support Services programme.
We organize events jointly with St. Philip Lutheran Church, including Sunday school, baptismal classes and church services etc.


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Each class has a 30-minute all-English activity class every day, led by foreign teachers from the United Kingdom, to improve children’s English ability.

Diversified learning activities allow children to develop in a balanced manner in knowledge and art.